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Drive Co.

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4270-1 Shimouchi
Seki, Gifu, Japan 501-3217

Phone: (81) 575-216-277
Fax: (81) 575-216-276

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our staff are committed, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. Our vehicles are purchased through over 100 auctions and dealerships. Each and every vehicle arrives at our facility to go through a complete inspection and any maintenance needs are noted and corrected before shipment. Any questions or comments will be answered quickly and accurately and we will keep you informed throughout each and every step of your purchase.

Why choose carsfortheworld?

With our buyers having 30 years of experience in sourcing quality vehicles from auctions and dealers all over Japan, Drive Co has supplied thousands of happy customers their dream vehicles. Drive Co. offers the best services and support at the lowest prices. As one of the friendliest vehicle exporters in Japan, we have the volume and resources to be able to offer a wide range of vehicles.

Drive Company has grown a lot in the used vehicle export industry in recent years and carsfortheworld has become a well known name along with its bright orange colours which have earned itself the nick name "The orange one" both amongst customers from all over the world and by its competitors in Japan. Export destinations include places such as Africa, the Caribbean, South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, and Ireland.


  • All of our vehicles are in stock. We do not condone copying "random" auction photos to make our stock range bigger than it actually is.
  • A wide selection of high quality used vehicles competitively priced to give you more choice and more value for money.