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Buying Guide

Step 1. Select and Order your vehicle

Browse through the vehicles until you find a vehicle that you like:

If you wish to receive a full quote then please click on the "order (no-obligation quote)" button. Fill in all the requested details and we will send your quote/invoice within one working day.

If you have any questions about the vehicle, but don't yet require an invoice, then please click on the "enquire about this vehicle" button. Fill in the details and ask your question in the space provided.

If the vehicle you like is marked as reserved you still make an enquiry. Just click the enquiry button, fill in your details and ask any questions you may have. We will then send you any relevant information such as availability of the same or similar models.

We treat the information provided as highly confidential. Click here for Privacy Notice details.

Step 2. Payment and Order Confirmation

Once you have received your e-mail and invoice from us please read all the information carefully. Your order will be confirmed as soon as we have received either your reservation deposit or full payment.

2-1 How to make Payment

At present we only accept payment by TT transfer from your bank. Our bank details are on the invoice you receive with your request. Please bear all bank charges, including those for the intermediate and receiving bank. It is important to stress this to your bank when making the transfer. It is very important to specify the invoice number and your name as it appears on the invoice. Please request that your bank add this in the "transaction message".

We will not be responsible for any delays in payment assignment due to missing or incorrect invoice numbers.

2-2 Instalments

We accept payment in up to three instalments. The fewer instalments you make, the lower your bank charges will be. The minimum amount for the initial deposit will be notified on the invoice. It will be 50% of the FOB for the vehicle.

2-3 Reservations

Your vehicle will be reserved for you when we receive either full payment, or the minimum deposit. The reservation lasts for two months. If we receive a faxed or scanned copy of your TT receipt we will make a temporary reservation until the money shows in our account. This reservation lasts for 7 days.

Step 3. Shipping

Once payment has been completed, we will prepare the vehicle for shipping. We will not ship vehicles until they have been fully paid.

3-1 Address Confirmation

It is essential that you tell us the full name and address that should appear on the shipping documents (Consignee). Any inaccuracy here can cause long delays and added expense. Throughout the buying process we will be asking you to confirm these details.

3-2 Booking and Departure

We will not book your vehicle until we have received confirmation of your address.

Booking. Once we receive confirmation we will send you notification of the vessel name and its estimated arrival date.

Departure. We can not confirm departure until the vessel has left, and we have received documentation from the shipping company. Once we receive confirmation we will send you notification of the vessel name and its estimated arrival date.

3-3 Document Delivery

It is very important to consider carefully where the documents should be sent. We strongly recommend that the documents are sent directly to your Customs Clearance Agent as this will avoid delays and extra expense. If you would like the documents sent directly to you, please make sure it is somebody you trust, and that they will be available to receive the documents.

Throughout the buying process we will be asking you to confirm these details. After the vessel departs we will send your documents.

Step 4. What's next? Clear and drive your vehicle

4-1 Clearing your vehicle

At this point it is essential that you contact a customs clearance agent at your destination port, if you have not already done so.

They will advise you on the up to date arrival time of the vessel, organize your vehicle to clear customs, and also arrange for transportation to your home country if required. If you do not have a customs clearance agent, then let us know and we can advise. Your customs clearance agent will provide you with an up to date arrival time and the details of how to collect your vehicle.

4-2 Drive and Enjoy it!

Once your clear your vehicle, we recommend you check your tyre pressure, oil and coolant levels, since the vehicle will have been at sea for several weeks.