Import guide for used cars, trucks from Japan to Tanzania

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The majority of our vehicles bound for East and Central Africa go through Dar Es Salaam port. We have a growing presence in the Tanzanian market too. You may even have seen our advert in The Guardian newspaper! Tanzanians are always on the lookout for vehicles 10 years old or less, so we are constantly aiming to improve our stock of cars for this market.

Importing into Tanzania is very easy. The major requirement is the JAAI inspection certificate. Please see below for more info on this.

Recommended ports

Of course the most popular port is Dar Es Salaam, but occasionally customers from the north of the country will choose Mombasa. There is shipping to Dar Es Salaam at least twice a month and it takes 3 to 4 weeks from Nagoya port.

Clearance and delivery from the destination port

We recommend you use a clearing agent. Please click here for a list of agents at Dar Es Salaam port.

Inspections and local regulations

You need a JAAI inspection certificate to import a vehicle into Tanzania. This inspection is carried out by the Japan Automobile Federation and covers everything from brakes to bumps and scratches. It costs $250 for the inspection for cars, and a little more for large trucks and busses, but you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good condition.

It is also worth considering that vehicles under 10 years old attract less duty.

Why buy direct from Japan?

Many Tanzanians choose to buy directly from Japan because quite simply you will be getting a better quality vehicle, with a lower mileage at a cheaper price. Vehicles made in Japan often have the highest grade options fitted as standard. We estimate that when you add everything up you will be saving at least $1000 compared with a similar quality vehicle bought locally