Import guide for used cars, trucks from Japan to Uganda

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We have a growing presence in the Ugandan market, and we are planning to get even bigger. Keep an eye out for our adverts which will be appearing in Ugandan newspapers soon. Some of our best sellers there are Toyota Mark II, a variety of station wagons such as the Toyota Carib and Caldina, Mercedes Benz and a huge variety of trucks.

Importing into Uganda is very easy and there are no major restrictions. Please see below for more info:

Recommended ports

Most people choose to go through Mombassa, however some people do go through Dar Es Salaam. There isnft any major difference here, and really it just comes down to personal preference. The shipping costs are the same, although it may well be that Mombassa is a bit closer for you.

Clearance and delivery from the destination port

Click here for a list of customs clearance agents.

You can collect your vehicle personally from either port (with the help of a reliable agent), or you can have your agent deliver it to the Ugandan border.

Inspections and local regulations

There are no specific regulations regarding Japanese vehicles, however be sure to check with your local authorities before making a purchase.

Why buy direct from Japan?

Many Ugandans choose to buy directly from Japan because quite simply you will be getting a better quality vehicle, with a lower mileage at a cheaper price. Vehicles made in Japan often have the highest grade options fitted as standard. We estimate that when you add everything up you will be saving at least $1000 compared with a similar quality vehicle bought locally.