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About Us

Drive Co is a growing used Japanese car export company with extensive experience in sourcing and exporting used vehicles from Japan to Africa, the Caribbean, New Zealand, the U.K and almost anywhere else there is a port. We can give you expert advice on import and export of Japanese used cars and non-Japanese used cars from Japan.

We aim to supply high quality used Japanese cars, used vans, used buses and used trucks to anyone, anywhere. Our dedicated team of buyers source quality used cars, trucks, buses and vans from auctions and dealers all over Japan.


  • Low mileage used Japanese vehicles. Highest quality at the lowest prices.
  • Long experience in export. Over 30 years supplying used vehicles from auctions all over Japan.
  • Member of scores of auctions.
  • Your reply within one working day.
  • Speedy shipping. Prompt and easy notification.
  • Thousands of happy customers all over the World (See our testimonials).
  • Our used Japanese cars are test-driven and checked by professional mechanics prior to shipping.

Easy Payment Plan

We have payment plans available to help you purchasing your ideal used car from Japan in comfortable instalments.

You can now secure your vehicle with a reservation fee.

Finish your purchase within 60 days and we will make sure to have your vehicle ready for shipping upon completion of your account.

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How to buy used cars from Japan?

Check your country guide to see how to import used cars from Japan to your Country.

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