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  • BMW 525I Hi line
    BMW 525I Hi line
    $4,800 NOW $4,500
    '04 2.5P 105,000 KM
    AutoAC, PS, PW, AW, ABS, Airbags, Leater seats, Heater & power seats, TV, CDstereo
  • BMW 525I
    BMW 525I
    $4,900 NOW $4,600
    '04 2.5P 78,000 KM
    AutoAC, PS, PW, AW, ABS, Airbags, NAVI, TV, CDsterei, Leather seats, Power seats, seat heater
  • BMW 320I
    BMW 320I
    $5,280 NOW $4,980
    '05 2.0P 47,000 KM
    AutoAC, PS, PW, AW, ABS, Airbags, TV, NAVI, Back monitor, CDstereo, HID light, Push start & Key free