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Import Used Vehicles

Import Used Cars!
Import used trucks!
Import used buses!
Import used vans!

Everyone's talking about importing used cars, importing used trucks, importing used buses and importing used vans!
.. but how easy is it? Well, it's easy as 1,2,3 that's how easy!

  • Select your used car, used truck, used bus or used van!
  • Once you receive your invoice to import a used car, import a used truck, import a used bus or import a used van make a TT transfer to the account on the invoice.
  • Then you will receive your documents and it's simply a matter of waiting for your used Japanese car, used Japanese truck, used Japanese bus, or used Japanese van to arrive!

That's it! It's that easy to import a used Japanese car, import a used Japanese truck, import a used Japanese bus or import a used Japanese van.

Whether you need to import a used Japanese vehicle for personal use, or import a used truck, import a used van or import a used bus for a business venture, we can help.

Be sure to read our buying guide for full information on importing your used vehicle. You can also read our country guides for specific information on importing used vehicles into your country.