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Easy Payment Plan

We are happy to offer our customers convenient and flexible payment terms that allow you to make an initial reservation payment, and pay the remaining balance in up to two instalments over a 2 month period. This allows you to conveniently reserve the car you like while you pay it off in manageable sums.

  • The initial payment must be at least 50% of the FOB price. The minimum deposit is indicated on the invoice.
  • After making this initial deposit you can complete payment with one or two more payments over a two month period. The two month period is calculated from when we receive your first payment.
  • After you have completed payment we will ship your vehicle aboard the next available vessel.

Case Study

You decide to go for a $2000 sedan. The shipping is $910 plus insurance at $90 giving a total CIF of $3000. Here's how to purchase your dream sedan in three easy payments of $1000:

  • Make your initial payment of only $1000 to reserve your dream sedan.
  • One month later transfer your next instalment of $1000.
  • Make your final payment of $1000 a further one month later.
  • Wait a few more weeks and you'll be driving your car... It's as easy as that!